István Beregszászi

full stack engineer


I'm a professional full stack engineer specializing in web application backends written in modern PHP. Being able to wear other hats, I'm happy to take part in business planning, building user interfaces, technical writing, keeping in touch with customers, and more.

I take pride in work ethics and practical software.


Bachelor of Computer Science (2015),
University of Pécs, Hungary

Work Experience

Crosssec Solutions Kft.

August 2016 —

Polisys Kft.

October 2013 — August 2016

After landing this job through internship, I became responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining several mid-sized e-commerce sites written primarily in Symfony and Sylius;
  • designing internal tools and customer-facing products both from a visual and business standpoint;
  • maintaining legacy applications, integrating them in modern frameworks to constrain technical debt.

FaceySpacey Technologies, Inc.

December 2009 — May 2011

In developing a location-based advertising platform called SnackSquare, we hit the front page of TechCrunch once. My responsibilities were:

  • architecting APIs and implementing highly interactive web interfaces using the Yii framework;
  • overseeing the work of other remote developers;
  • writing detailed documentation both technical and targeted at end users.

Tinkering at home

Non-stop since I was 12

Side-projects never stopped piling up in my archives:

my fiancé's last business
was powered by Haskell
  • a featureful Turing machine simulator (degree work);
  • programmed a skeleton prototype of a multiplayer top down shooter game (one with tanks, obviously);
  • designed and deployed statically generated product catalogs;
  • and made lots of fancy looking effects with JavaScript and SVG for fun (such as the background of this resume).


Eye on the end user.

Making customer-focused technical choices from the bottom up: building data structures for snappier response times and meaningful reports.

Believing in clean user interfaces that are both intuitive to beginners and useful for experts.

Not fixing errors twice.

All layers of software from user experience to backend services should be thought through and composed together.

Polish is not only an afterthought — it comes from getting the basics right in the first place.

Aware of industry best practices and new tools; happy to take the time to produce rock solid, timeless code: simple to maintain and build upon.


PHP, Symfony 2, Doctrine; some Python; some Ruby; some Haskell (purely functional programming).
Data storage
Major RDBMSes.
HTML 5, JavaScript, D3 (data visualization); some Elm (functional reactive programming).